What is Blink?

The everyday Bitcoin wallet born in El Zonte

Blink (formerly Bitcoin Beach Wallet) is a Bitcoin wallet designed to enable bottom-up bitcoin adoption around the world. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, a shopper or a merchant, Blink's feature set makes it a must-have wallet on any phone.

  • Great for onboarding: Blink is great for onboarding with easy setup and educational lessons, making it the perfect wallet to recommend to friends, family, or anyone new to Bitcoin. As a custodial wallet, new users do not yet need to have safe seed phrase storage education and skills to get a great experience out of using Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

  • Many ways to receive sats: Blink offers many ways to receive sats, including Lightning Address, a Point of Sale ( PoS or Cash Register) web app, LN invoice, printable Paycode or on-chain address, making it a great tool for small businesses, fundraising, and remittances.

  • Stablesats: With a USD denominated wallet powered by Stablesats, Blink is also a great tool for keeping your sats at dollar value helping your short-term financial plans and accounting. Learn more at stablesats.com. There is an easy way to convert the amount of choice between your bitcoin and dollar denominated wallets.

  • Always works: Blink stays current with the latest developments in Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, so it just works when you reach for it. With a dedicated team managing Lightning liquidity and channels, it’s a wallet you can rely on for fast and reliable payments.

  • Open source: True to the Bitcoin ethos, Blink is free open source software (FOSS) built on the Lightning development platform maintained by Galoy. View the code on GitHub

  • Multi-language: Use Blink in your native language, regardless of where you live. Today, the wallet is translated to English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Czech, German, Thai, Catalan, Swahili and many more. Don’t see your language? Reach out to us on Twitter at @blinkbtc to request a new language.

  • Choose your display currency: Set which currency you want to see your sats and Dollar balance in. More than 30 currencies available, with more coming soon.

  • Additional useful features:

    - No transaction fee when both sender and receiver use Blink

    - Earn sats and learn about Bitcoin with the in-app quiz

    - Transaction log displays a history of payments

    - Contact list makes it easy to send payments to friends and family

    - Merchant map displays businesses in your area that accept Bitcoin / Lightning payments

    - For developers and automation needs there is a public API available. Learn more at dev.blink.sv

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