Blink Payment Methods

Welcome to the payment methods section of our FAQ, where we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the payment methods supported by Blink. Here are the payment methods available on Blink:

  1. On-Chain Transactions: Blink supports traditional on-chain Bitcoin transactions. This method involves recording transactions directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. You can send and receive Bitcoin by entering the recipient's Bitcoin address and the desired amount.

  2. Lightning Network Payments: Blink enables Lightning Network payments, which offer faster and more cost-effective transactions. The Lightning Network is a layer built on top of the Bitcoin network that allows for near-instantaneous payments with reduced fees. You can send and receive Lightning payments by using Lightning Network invoices.

  3. LNURL: Blink also supports LNURL, which stands for Lightning Network URL. LNURL simplifies the process of sending and receiving Lightning payments by generating unique payment links. Users can simply click on the LNURL link to initiate the payment process, making it convenient and user-friendly.

  4. Intraledger Transactions: With Blink, you can also perform intraledger transactions, which allow you to send and receive payments within the Blink ecosystem. This feature ensures seamless and instant transfers between Blink users, enhancing the overall payment experience.

Whether you prefer on-chain transactions, Lightning Network payments, LNURL, or intraledger transactions, Blink offers a versatile platform to meet your Bitcoin payment needs. Explore the various payment methods supported by Blink and enjoy a secure and convenient way to send and receive Bitcoin payments.

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