What is the Point of Sale (PoS or Cash Register) in Blink

The Point of Sale in Blink is a convenient way to receive bitcoin payments. It's especially useful for merchants to receive payments directly into their wallets, without relying on a single device, making it an easy and cost-effective way to have a functioning POS in their stores.

To use the PoS, click the menu in the top right of your Blink home screen and go to "Ways to get paid". Here you will find the link to your PoS, e.g. pay.blink.sv/username.

  • You can open the PoS link in any browser and create Lightning invoices in a quick and easy way.

  • You can share the PoS link with your customers: when a customer opens the link, they will be directed to PoS where they can enter the amount they wish to pay and complete the transaction.

  • You can share the PoS link with your employees or staff and let them receive payments on your behalf. Keep in mind, that any amount sent to invoices generated in your unique PoS goes directly into your Blink account. The PoS is only for receiving payments, not sending. The funds in your Blink account can only increase, never decrease, when you share it with an employee or customer.

The PoS feature also provides a simple way to keep track of your sales and generate reports to help you keep track of your business transactions.

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