What information is needed to send or receive Bitcoin between Blink wallets?

To send Bitcoin to another Blink user, you only need to know their Blink username. Simply enter their Blink username as the recipient, and the funds will be sent directly to their wallet. It's a convenient and hassle-free way to make payments within the Blink ecosystem.

To receive Bitcoin from another Blink user, you need to provide them with your Blink username. Share your Blink username with the sender, and they can easily send funds to your wallet using your username. Once a transaction is completed with a Blink user, their username will be automatically saved in your contacts list, making future transactions even easier.

With Blink's user-friendly interface, sending and receiving Bitcoin between Blink wallets is seamless and straightforward. No complicated wallet addresses or QR codes are required, simplifying the process and enhancing the user experience.

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