Blink Voucher

App for creation of Dollar / Bitcoin Vouchers

  • Makes sale of bitcoin for fiat easy

  • Vendors can earn commissions

  • Flexible vendor commission set in the app

  • Zero upfront cost / commitment

  • Ideal for exchange offices in cash based economies

  • 65 currency pairs and growing

  • The cost is: 0.2% Platform Fee for Blink

  • Pay the voucher from the BTC or USD Account

  • Optimized for the Bitcoinize POS device

  • More low-cost printer options are planned


  • Spawn more peer-to-peer on- and off-ramps

  • Bitcoin Accepted -> Bitcoin Preferred

  • A new option for Blink users to generate revenue

Redeem a voucher

  • Enter the 12 digit Voucher Code

  • You can withdraw funds with lightning wallets supporting the LNURL withdraw protocol or through on-chain transactions. However, please note that on-chain transactions will incur transaction fees.

Create a voucher

  • Log in with your Blink credentials or create a new wallet and top up

  • Enter the amount of USD you would like to sell

  • Set the % commission you would like to earn

  • Create and fund the voucher - select to pay from your BTC or USD balance on the connected Blink account

  • Share the QRcode or Voucher Code or print if you are using a Bitcoinize POS device or other compatible printer

  • The funds are now on the Escrow account and can only be redeemed using the unique QRcode or the Voucher code

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