What is a Paycode and how can I use it?

Blink's Paycode is based on the LNURL protocol. It allows users to create a static QR code that can be used to receive Lightning payments. Your unique Paycode QR can be displayed on a screen or printed out, making it a versatile and convenient way to accept payments in a variety of settings.

Your Blink Paycode is compatible with all Lightning wallets, however only Lightning wallets with LNURL support can pay to it directly.

Users of Lightning Wallets that do not support LNURL must scan the Paycode with their mobile phone's native camera and follow the link. They will be directed to your unique Point of Sale (PoS or Cash Register) where they can generate a Lightning invoice to pay you.

Payers can set the amount they want to pay to your Paycode in their Lightning wallet, as well as add a description for the payment.

To find your unique Paycode:

  1. Clicking on the menu in the top right of your Blink home screen

  2. Go to "Ways to get paid"

  3. The link to your Paycode is shown here

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