Chivo wallet and ATM

The Chivo wallet is the official Bitcoin wallet of El Salvador. It is a custodial wallet that is available for both Android and iOS devices. The wallet is integrated with the Chivo ATM network, which allows users to withdraw and deposit cash at any of the 200+ ATMs located throughout the country. The wallet also supports Lightning payments (but not shows that by default), which allows users to send and receive Bitcoin instantly and with low fees.

Receive on Lightning with Chivo

  • When receiving Chivo shows the on-chain method by default which can be expensive and slow.

  • To receive on Lightning tap Recibir Bitcoin via Lightning and show the QRcode to the payer.

Chivo ATM

  • The Chivo ATMs receives from external wallets on-chain only which can be expensive and slow.

  • If you have a Chivo wallet you can withdraw cash from the ATM free of charge

  • To use the ATM free of charge with your funds in the Blink wallet use Lightning to transfer your funds to the Chivo wallet and withdraw from the ATM

Infographic to receive on Lightning with the Chivo wallet

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