How can I create Lightning Address with Blink?

Your Lightning Address in Blink is generated using the username you created for your Blink account. If you haven’t chosen a username yet, you can follow these instructions to do so:

  • Click on settings

  • Click on “receive payments using your Lightning Address address or the merchants feature

  • Write your username

Your Lightning Address will look like this:, where [username] is your personal Blink username that you set. You can share your Lightning Address to receive Lightning payments from other compatible wallets.

By following these steps and setting a Blink username, you will also have unlocked the Point of Sale (PoS or Cash Register) and Paycode features. The PoS allows you to generate invoices for Lightning payments in a quick and easy way. Your unique Paycode is a static QR code that always stays the same and that you can receive Lightning payments to. You can print it out or share it on social media to receive variable amounts of Lightning payments e.g. tips, donations or other payments.

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