Upgrading from a Trial account to level 1

Running Blink on some phones (running an unmodified, stock OS) makes it possible to open a Trial account without even using a phone number.

A Trial account has low transactions limits and not allowed to send or receive on-chain.

Upgrading to a level 1 account comes with benefits:

  • increased transaction limits

  • ability to recover the account using the registered phone number with SMS / WhatsApp or email

  • enable functions like on-chain send and receive, setting a username, lightning address, Point of Sale (PoS or Cash Register) webpage, static paycode etc.

To upgrade from the Trial account (level 0) to level 1 you will need to verify a phone number using SMS or WhatsApp:

  1. In the Blink Wallet with the Trial account select the menu on the top right and tap Account

  2. select Backup/upgrade account

  3. complete the account set up with a phone number

It is recommended to add an email address as well so you can recover with email and don't need to rely on the phone number:

To add and email login (only available if a phone number was added previously):

  1. select the menu on the top right and tap Account

  2. select Email (for login)

  3. enter an email address and complete the verification to enable login with email

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