How can I receive an on-chain transaction with Blink?

To receive an on-chain transaction using Blink, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Blink app and click on Receive

  2. Under the QR code click on Onchain

  3. You can copy the address, share it, or show the QR code to the sender. Note that to avoid address reuse there will be a new address displayed when you have received a transaction on the address shared previously. The old address will remain valid to receive transactions on your account even when there is a new address shown.

  4. Once the transaction has been sent, the transaction should shortly appear as Pending in your wallet. Click on the transaction to see it's `Transaction Hash`. Using the Transaction Hash (also known as TXID) you can see the details of the transaction in a block explorer like and see when it is confirmed in a block.

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