How do I receive a transaction with Blink?

Blink was created to facilitate sending and receiving Bitcoin transactions using on-chain, LNURL & Lightning.

You can provide the following information to receive a transaction:

  • Your on-chain address (starts with bc1...). Incoming on-chain transactions (deposit) require 2 confirmations to become available for spending.

  • Creating a Lightning invoice (BOLT11 format, starting with lnbc1...)

  • Point of Sale (PoS or Cash Register) web app

  • Use the Lightning Address, which uses an email address form (eg.

  • Using your Blink Paycode (also known as an LNURL)

You can also receive payments to your Blink username from other Blink users. Please note, that this feature is only available for Blink to Blink payments and will NOT work with other apps like Chivo or Strike.

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